The PA Cider Guild (PACG) is a trade organization formed in 2014 to bring together cidermakers, cideries, cider enthusiasts and associated businesses to have a united voice in the state of Pennsylvania.

The guild’s mission is a simple one… to protect, promote, represent and educate its members and consumers.

Through marketing, events, advocacy and the like, the PACG promotes the cider producers, apple growers, and related businesses in the Keystone State.

The guild and its members share the following goals:

  • Promote the understanding and appreciation of cider grown in Pennsylvania
  • Help producers navigate the systems within the state to advocate for legislative change
  • Coordinate events to develop the cider industry in Pennsylvania
  • Create unity in the cider industry within Pennsylvania
  • Develop and deliver education programs, events and services to maintain quality standards in cidermaking and apple growing

The PACG understands the daily challenges facing the industry and recognizes the need for an organization. All cideries, wineries producing cider/apple wine, cider related businesses, and cider enthusiasts are encouraged to become members. Please visit our membership registration page to become a member today!